The Tract House


The Tract House is a "spread-the-word" project debuting at the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore May 31, 2008. As part of the "Cottage Industries" exhibition, The Tract House will be distributing free tracts to the public.

The Tract House is located at 123 Saratoga Street.

The Tract House will be open June and July, 2008.

Wednesday – Saturday

The tracts were written by friends, neighbors, acquaintances, visitors to this website, and friends of friends. While most popular tracts are religious, The Tract House tracts can be nearly anything— manifestos, diatribes, stories, rants, poems, or lyrics. They can be about whatever the writer finds pressing, whether it be something personal, professional, political, domestic, local, or global. Gallery visitors are encouraged to peruse the many tracts and take home what they wish. Visitors of this website are encouraged to print the tracts on their home printers. It is hoped that the tracts will educate, activate, infuriate, obfuscate, titillate, inspire, upset, and irritate. The tracts can be treasured or passed on, crumpled in disgust or venerated, folded up and put through the laundry, or left on a car windshield. A project by Lisa Anne Auerbach. Graphic Design by Roman Jaster.

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